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LG Electronics will unveil a new 4K ULTRA HD TV with quantum dot technology as a new component of its expanded TV lineup at the 2015 International CES, Jan. 6-9 in Las Vegas. LG’s 4K ULTRA HD TVs with quantum dot technology will offer a wider color palette and improved color saturation than conventional LCD TVs and will be available in 2015 to complement LG’s other ULTRA HD TV and OLED TV offerings.

LG’s quantum dot technology displays an extremely wide color gamut, making it ideal for 4K content. The technology works by harnessing nano crystals that range in size from 2 to 10 nanometers. Each dot emits a different color depending on its size. By adding a film of quantum dots in front of the LCD backlight, picture color reproduction rate and overall brightness are significantly improved.

Since the nano-sized dots emit extraordinarily vivid colors, quantum dot technology is able to enhance the already stunning capabilities of LG’s 4K ULTRA HD In-Plane Switching (IPS) displays. The color reproduction rate in LG’s IPS panels, which offers high color accuracy and extra wide viewing angles, is increased with the addition of the quantum dot film by more than 30 percent compared with conventional LCD/LED TVs.

LG’s 4K ULTRA HD TVs with quantum dot technology will employ technology designed with the environment in mind as they contain no cadmium or any other toxic heavy metals.

“Quantum dot’s vibrant and vivid color reproduction capabilities brings LG’s LCD TVs to the next level when it comes to picture quality,” said In-kyu Lee, senior vice president and head of the TV and monitor division at the LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “The addition of ULTRA HD TV with quantum dot technology to our TV lineup positioned under our award-winning OLED TVs further establishes LG as a leading provider of the most diverse and innovative TV display technologies in the industry.”

Visitors to LG’s booth at CES 2015 (Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall #8204) from Jan. 6-9 will have the opportunity to see LG’s stunning 4K ULTRA HD TVs with their own eyes.

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Elecom Introduced GrandBass System

ELECOM will  launch new products in mid-January in their lineup of TRS mini-plug AV stereo headsets for smartphones that feature the “GrandBass System” for intense, powerful bass in new color variations.

This is the debut of the “EHP-CS3570” series of stereo headsets for smartphones, featuring ELECOM’s proprietary “GrandBass System” allowing for deep rumbling bass and high resolution sound.

In addition to featuring a special sound driver unit with a large diameter of 13.6mm for detailed and accurate sound across a wide range, the headsets have two uniquely designed air chambers, that simultaneously maintain a large volume of sound and improve density, achieving intense bass that is both deep and sharp. Also, thanks to their “front-oriented magnet construction”, which places magnets on both sides of the trembler, loss of magnetic flux from the drivers is minimized, and vibration speed maximized, resulting in a more powerful sound.

The ear caps come in three sizes so you can pick the perfect fit. They are newly designed “deep fit ear caps” with inflated ends that make them more airtight, keeping in that powerful bass sound. Also, the hardness of the ear caps has been changed, both inside and out, improving not just the sound and fit but increasing air tightness as well, thanks to a two-stage depth-adjusted construction.

Regarding comfort, both lines use “earplug type” earphones that fit snugly in the ear and have good noise-canceling, meaning that sound will neither spill out nor will users be bothered by surrounding noise. The flat cables are easy to wind up and prevent tangles, and the cable length is a comfortable 1.2m. A cable keeper for the excess cable is included, as well as a handy pouch for carrying.

The “EHP-CS3570 Series” for smartphones connects via a 3.5mm TRRS mini plug. Not just for enjoying music, the headset also includes a condenser microphone for phone calls. The remote control switch that houses the microphone includes a slide switch for volume control, as well as a switch for answering or ending phone calls.

The headsets come in luxurious white and pink and both feature a stylish design with flat cables that shows off the quality of the metal and rubber materials.

Model number On-sale date Countries and regions
Mid-January 2015 Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore,
Saudi Arabia, EU, Japan

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LG Electronics once again demonstrated its leadership in home appliances by announcing sales of more than 10 million refrigerators with its patented Inverter Linear Compressor around the world since 2001. In 2001, LG introduced the world’s first refrigerator powered by an Inverter Linear Compressor, continuing to improve the technology ever since. In 2007, LG sold one million of its Inverter Linear Compressor-equipped refrigerators and increased that number to five million in 2011 and 10 million earlier this month. With strong results in premium refrigerator markets such as Korea, North America, Europe and the CIS region, LG is expected to sell more than two million Inverter Linear Compressor refrigerators in 2014.

Earlier this year, the Inverter Linear Compressor was tested by one of Europe’s largest and most respected scientific and technical bodies, the Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (VDE). LG’s technology employs a straight piston drive instead of a conventional reciprocating drive, resulting in less internal friction than conventional motors. This increases the refrigerator’s reliability and durability while also generating less noise while running. LG refrigerators featuring Inverter Linear Compressor technology proved to be approximately 32 percen more energy efficient than those equipped with conventional reciprocating compressors, contributing significantly to lower electricity bills. VDE also noted that LG’s refrigerator was up to 25 percent quieter compared to another refrigerator powered by a reciprocating compressor and reduced internal friction by 64.2 percent, causing less wear to the refrigerator and helping it to achieve a 20 year life-span, a first in the industry.

In addition to its versatile Inverter Linear Compressor, LG’s Door-in-Door feature has also contributed to strong refrigerator sales. Door-in-Door™ makes it easier for users to reach frequently accessed food and beverages, helping to prevent cold air escaping when the fridge door is opened. It is this passion for innovation that has made LG a household name in the premium refrigerator market around the world. And to maintain its industry leadership, LG has filed approximately 3,100 patent applications in 16 different markets related to its Inverter Linear Compressor. And LG is so confident in its technology that the Inverter Linear Compressor has been covered under a 10-year warranty since 2009, a first in the industry.

“LG has always strived to offer consumers the most advanced, highest performing appliances in the industry,” said Young-il Park, head of LG’s refrigerator business unit. “Our Inverter Linear Compressor is the result of our commitment to excellence and technological innovation and demonstrates LG’s desire to lead the global premium refrigerator market.”

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LG Washing Machines Surpass

LG Electronics (LG) announced that it has sold more than twenty million units of its washing machines globally in the past five years, a remarkable accomplishment for a home appliance, demonstrating the company’s technological leadership in the washing machine market. At the heart of this achievement is LG’s innovative 6 Motion Direct Drive technology which offers users powerful yet delicate washing results similar to those of a real hand wash.

LG’s 6 Motion Direct Drive technology was first incorporated into the company’s front-load washing machines in October 2009, followed by top-load washers in January 2010. In October 2013, LG recorded 10 million in sales of its 6 Motion Direct Drive washing machines and 20 million units by early this month. With one LG washer finding a home somewhere in the world every 8 seconds, it’s no wonder LG washing machines have become the industry standard in significant markets such as the United States, Russia, China and even in Korea where there is no dearth of strong competitors. To maintain its industry leadership, LG has filed approximately 150 patent applications in several key countries for its 6 Motion Direct Drive technology.

The popularity of 6 Motion Direct Drive technology is in the six different washing motions — Tumbling, Scrubbing, Filtration, Rolling, Stepping, Swing — that individually or in combination provide powerful washing results. LG washing machines also offer optimized washing programs for a diverse range of fabrics. In addition to enhancing fabric care, the delicate motions cause fewer wrinkles and less damage. The washing machines are powered by LG’s advanced Inverter Direct Drive motor which is backed by the reliability of 10 year warranty.

The Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) has recognized LG’s 6 Motion Direct Drive technology by awarding it their Green Technology certification for its contribution to reducing greenhouse gases. This year alone, LG’s 6 Motion Direct Drive washing machines have received accolades and recognition from consumer-based organizations in nations around the world, including Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Australia and the United States. But rather than resting on the laurels of its 6 Motion Direct Drive, LG continues to introduce a variety of new technologies that to this day bring significant time and energy savings to consumers. For example, LG’s revolutionary TurboWash™ feature enables washing cycles to finish in 59 minutes1 and also reduce energy consumption by up to 15 percent and water consumption by up to 40 percent.2

“Since day one, LG has focused solely on developing innovative technologies that benefit consumers first and foremost,” said Chris Yi, executive vice president, LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “The 6 Motion Direct Drive technology is a result of that philosophy and tradition at LG. When you build the products that customers want and take care of them throughout the lifecycle of the product, your market share will be a reflection of their satisfaction.”

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LG Electronics (LG) is showcasing its new LG Studio premium built-in kitchen package at IFA 2014. A distinctly modern, luxurious take on the traditional European kitchen, LG Studio combines sophisticated styling with the latest innovations in home appliance technology. Each product in the LG Studio has been specifically designed to form part of a total, integrated kitchen solution for maximum performance, convenience and a sense of visual harmony. LG Studio offers a full complement of modern kitchen necessities, including refrigerators, built-in ovens, cooktops, microwave ovens and dishwashers that represent the perfect marriage of functionality and refined European style.

LG Built-in Electric Oven: Keeping Itself Clean

LG’s proprietary built-in technology helps create an eco-friendly kitchen by generating energy savings across the entire LG Studio range. EasyClean™ is a self-cleaning function offered in LG’s built-in electric ovens that delivers a clean oven interior in as little as 20 minutes. Without the need for harsh chemicals and scrubbing, EasyClean™ transforms cleaning into three simple steps: spray the interior with water, run the 20 minute EasyClean™ cycle with the simple touch of a button, wipe down the enamel-coated interior when the cycle is complete.

LG Built-in Refrigerators: Foods Kept Fresher While Saving Energy

LG Built-in Refrigerators possess Total No Frost, an indirect cooling system which optimizes airflow in the unit’s various compartments for longer food freshness. And LG’s advanced Inverter Linear Compressor featured in LG Built-in Refrigerators employs a linear piston drive instead of a conventional reciprocating drive, generating less internal friction for greater reliability and durability as well as lower energy requirements and noise. The Moist Balance Crisper™, a special lattice-type fruit and vegetable box cover, reabsorbs evaporated moisture from fruit and vegetables for longer freshness. What’s more, the upgraded Hygiene Fresh+™ air purification system uses a highly effective 4-step process including UV LED lighting to eliminate harmful bacteria commonly found inside refrigerators. And with the Zero Clearance door, which open a full 90 degrees even in the tightest space, all the drawers can be fully extended for convenient access to one’s favor foods.

LG Built-in Dishwasher: Providing a Smart Clean

LG Built-in Dishwasher delivers sparkling results using TrueSteam™ technology which is activated when the unit’s Steam Power mode is engaged. TrueSteam™ discharges high-temperature steam particles ― 1/1600 the size of normal water droplets ― from precisely aimed pressure nozzles so that food particles are dispersed and dishes are left immaculately clean. Steam temperature and pressure are managed by the dishwasher’s built-in steam generator, which is gentle yet powerful enough to remove tough stains such as lipstick. The revolutionary TrueSteam-equipped LG Built-in Dishwasher removes the inconvenience of pre-washing dishes by hand. And LG Built-in Dishwasher’s amazing energy efficiency (A++) is made possible by LG’s unique Inverter Direct Drive. This advanced motor technology optimizes the power needed for each load by directly and more efficiently transferring energy from the motor to the water spray system.

LG Built-in Electric Hob & Hood: The Complete Kitchen

The LG Built-in Electric Hob features illuminated visual indicators, allowing for the active plates to be easily identified, the Built-in Hood offers electronic touch control with features such as an off-timer, filter saturation indicator and the self-timing intensive mode for maximum ease-of-use.

“Today’s customers want their kitchens to be functional and visually appealing at the same time,” said Seong-jin Jo, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “LG Studio offers the best of both, fusing the understated elegance of European design with the power, precision and efficiency of LG’s industry leading technologies. Our built-in package is ideal for those who enjoy the culinary arts, interior décor and, of course, convenience.”

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LG Electronics (LG), with design support from Swarovski, the renowned Austrian jewelry brand and world-leading manufacturer of high-quality crystals, will unveil a one-of-a-kind CURVED OLED TV at IFA Berlin. Featuring a streamlined stand studded with shimmering crystals complemented by the brilliant, precise colors of the OLED’s self-lighting pixels, this advanced TV exudes elegance beyond compare.

With a paper-thin depth of just 4mm and a weight of only 16kg, the LG CURVED OLED TV is the perfect showcase for Swarovski’s finest. Featuring LG’s stylish Crystal Stand, the ergonomically curved display appears to float on thin air, a breathtaking effect that helps to increase viewer immersion. To create this totally unique stand, approximately 460 luminescent Aurora Borealis crystals of three different sizes (SS8, 10 and 12) were applied by hand using specially made stencils. The result is a subtle but elegant sparkling pattern that turns a cutting-edge television into a work of art.

LG’s OLED TV offers unrivaled visual precision thanks to the company’s advanced pixel-dimming system and the inherent advantages of OLED technology. Viewers can see every pixel come alive and will enjoy the incredible realism of sharp, natural colors and infinite contrast ratio. A singular product that combines the best of technology with the best of design, the luxurious LG CURVED OLED TV with Swarovski crystals glitters and shines in more ways than one.

“We are excited to showcase this one-of-a kind TV — our first collaboration with designers from Swarovski — to visitors at IFA,” said Hyun-hwoi Ha, president and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “The epitome of luxury and refinement, Swarovski crystals and LG’s premium OLED TV complement each other perfectly. The crystals help to create an aesthetic that is, quite simply, gorgeous, while our OLED technology ensures a level of picture quality that is every bit as stunning as one could imagine.”

The limited edition LG OLED TV will be on display at IFA 2014 in Hall 11.2 of Messe Berlin from September 5-10 and will roll out to European customers in the fourth quarter of this year.

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Creative Sound Blaster E5

Creative Technology Ltd today launched the Sound Blaster E5 – Flagship of the “Sound Blaster E-Series”, and a new audio solution for USB DAC and headphone amplifier. Boasting audiophile-grade specifications and components, the Sound Blaster E5 is designed to deliver bit-perfect audio, allowing mobile users to experience audio as the artists intended.

The new flagship product is an extension of Sound Blaster’s E-Series line of compact portable USB audio solutions. Launched in May 2014, the Sound Blaster E-Series includes the Sound Blaster E1 and Sound Blaster E3.

Retailing at an amazing price of USD199.99, the Sound Blaster E5 will be showcased and available for pre-order at COMEX 2014 from 28 – 31 August 2014 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall 601, Booth 6141 and 6801.

“We have always believed that everyone and anyone should have access to great audio quality and be able to share it, while supporting audio source from various devices – including iOS and Android devices, PC, and Mac. While the video experience of many users today have greatly advanced from HD to 4K resolution, the audio experience on the other hand is still sub-optimum – if 4K TV is four times clearer than Full HD, CD-quality audio, which many listen to today, is at least six times poorer than what 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution audio can offer. This is why we have introduced a top-notch audio solution featuring only the best audio components to provide the “4K TV” experience of audio,” says Low Long Chye, General Manager for Sound Blaster Audio at Creative. “Listen to your favorite tracks with a good pair of headphones through the Sound Blaster E5 and you will be able to pick out finer details and greater depth of music – as if you were listening to the artist or orchestra performing live.” he added.

Audiophile-Grade Components and Specifications

Designed to deliver pristine audio quality, the Sound Blaster E5 is packed with premium-grade components and supported with top-notch specifications:

  • Cirrus Logic (CS4398) 120dB DAC supports high resolution audio playback of up to 24-bit/192kHz when connected to PC/Mac, including 24-bit/88.2kHz and 24-bit/176.4kHz
  • Cirrus Logic (CS5361) 114dB ADC delivers high quality, low noise analog line-in audio playback and audio recording of up to 24-bit/192kHz
  • Texas Instruments (TPA6120A2) 600Ω headphone amplifier is capable of driving audiophile-grade headphones, with full and detailed clarity
  • USB 2.0 Host connectivity allows streaming of high quality, lossless digital audio from Android and iOS (up to 24-bit) devices while on the go
  • Asynchronous Mode USB Audio greatly reduces jitter and allows accurate high-resolution audio data transfer from the computer
  • Features a convenient switch that allows users to select a high gain output required for high-impedance headphones
  • Gold-plated audio connectors create precise contact for low signal loss

Connectivity Options

The Sound Blaster E5 boasts a full range of connectivity options for smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs.

  • Digital High-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity to PC/Mac as a powerful external Sound Blaster
  • Digital USB Host connectivity to select iOS/Android models for direct high quality, lossless audio streaming
  • Built-in rechargeable 3200mAh lithium polymer battery provides users up to 8 hours^ of playtime while on the go
  • Features wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy connectivity and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for one-touch Bluetooth pairing and control
  • Supports HD audio codecs such as aptX Low Latency and AAC for a wireless connection as good as a wired connection
  • Connects to entertainment devices such as televisions and game consoles via the optical input jack
  • Features a line-in option for analog connectivity to other various audio sources
  • Dual headphone jacks allow for simultaneous audio listening

Other Great Features

  • For additional real-time audio enhancement for music, movies and games, the built-in multi-core SB-Axx1 multi-core audio DSP allows users to activate Sound Blaster’s intelligent processing capabilities via the SBX Pro Studio suite of technologies – all at a touch of a button. It can also be switched off when listening to lossless audio
  • Built-in beamforming CrystalVoice microphones for audio recording and calls
  • Supports dual orientation mic recording – automatically detects and reacts to landscape or portrait orientation of the device, allowing for better audio recording
  • Total audio control over Sound Blaster E5 on any platform – PC, Mac, iOS or Android. The Sound Blaster E-Series Control Panel for PC/Mac users, while the Sound Blaster Central mobile application for iOS and Android devices gives users full access to customise their audio settings, like a remote control right in the palm of their hand.
  • ASIO support allows for reduced latency for a higher resolution audio experience
  • Comes with a detachable holder to prop the Sound Blaster E5 up for Skype calls or mounted onto a mic stand for recording

Pricing and Availability

The Creative Sound Blaster E5, priced at USD199.99, will be available from October 2014 at the online store at

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Front-Load Washing Machine

Featuring the company’s revolutionary TurboWash™ technology and 6 Motion Direct Drive, LG will introduce at IFA 2014 its newest energy-efficient washing machine that can complete a full wash cycle in only 49 minutes. Thanks to TurboWash™, LG’s latest eco-friendly washers not only meet the requirements for A+++ energy efficiency, they exceed them by 55 percent. The latest washing machines also help homeowners cut their electricity bills and decrease their energy footprint, all without sacrificing performance. Faster washing results while still saving time and water are what make LG’s TurboWash™ technology the ultimate in washing convenience.

TurboWash™ Technology

The revolutionary TurboWash™ feature of LG’s front-load washing machine can save 36 minutes1 with a half load on cotton cycle for impressive energy savings. The most commonly used washing cycles — Cotton, Cotton Large, Mix and Easy Care — require only 49 to 59 minutes from start to finish. Setting the washing machine to TurboWash™ mode reduces energy consumption by up to 15 percent and water con-sumption by up to 40 percent 2, delivering dual benefits of faster washing and lower utility bills. What’s more, during the rinse cycle, LG’s proprietary Jet Spray nozzle sprays water with great force for two minutes, helping to more completely remove detergent from clothes with less water and energy.
6 Motion Direct Drive Technology
LG’s 6 Motion Direct Drive uses a combination of six different pre-set programs to deliver customized washing for various types of clothes. As effective as washing by hand, 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology helps to reduce wrinkles and damage in clothes, improving fabric care. And thanks to the advanced Inverter Direct Drive motor, LG’s eco-friendly washers operate quietly and are less prone to vibrations, confidence which is reflected in LG backing its motor with a 10-year warranty.
TrueSteam™ Technology
LG’s latest front-load washing machine incorporates TrueSteam™ technology with the following features: Steam Softener, Steam Refresh and Allergy Care. The Steam Softener function maintains the original quality of fabrics and eliminates the need for chemical-based fabric softeners. Steam Refresh employs steam instead of water for a truly deep clean, reducing wrinkles and odors from delicate clothes in just 20 minutes. TrueSteam™ removes allergens, mites and residual detergent, all which have been linked to respiratory and skin ailments.
Smart Connectivity and Convenience
LG has long been at the forefront of smart technology and in 2014, the company is introducing enhanced connectivity and greater user convenience, including the ability to download new washing programs. Near Field Communication (NFC) makes it possible to quickly pair and exchange data between smartphones and LG smart appliances. Using NFC tagging technology, users can download new washing programs such as Wool, Baby Care and Cold Wash which can be activated by simply touching the smartphone to the NFC Tag On symbol on the washing machine. NFC is also employed in the Smart Diagnosis™ feature which quickly and efficiently troubleshoots most minor issues, avoiding costly, inconvenient service calls and in-home visits.
Revolutionary Eco-Hybrid Technology and Smart Design 
LG’s Eco-Hybrid washer-dryers feature both Air drying and Normal drying modes, whereas most washing machines only offer one or the other. Each of these convenient and efficient options delivers A-grade energy savings. Compared with LG conventional drying modes, LG’s powerful Air drying setting can save users nearly 7,000 liters of water per year.3 And at 24-inch standard size, LG’s Eco-Hybrid washer-dryer boasts the world’s first 12kg washing capacity and 8kg drying capacity, effectively reducing a household’s washing frequency by approximately 91 loads per year.4
LG’s Eco-Hybrid dryer features an Eco mode and a Speed mode, letting homeowners choose between optimal energy and time savings. Using sophisticated heat pump technology, Eco mode achieves up to A+++-10 percent energy efficiency while Speed mode provides up to A++ energy efficiency and takes 30 percent less time 5 to complete a cycle, leaving more time to take care of the important things in life. An ideal solution for drying delicate items, LG’s Eco-Hybrid dryers can dry clothes even at low temperatures, reducing fabric damage and shrinkage.
And LG’s new washing machines boast a seamless and sleek design that brings a touch of sophistication to every home. Each model in the lineup offers a full touch control panel that is angled for maximum visibility, along with a white LED display and a black door with a hidden handle.
“With the hectic pace of modern life, today’s consumers have less and less time for household chores,” said Seong-jin Jo, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “Our new front-load washing machine with revolutionary TurboWash™ technology works quickly without compromising performance. Faster washing cycles give the consumer the freedom to spend more time relaxing or engaging in more important things, such as spending time with family.”
Visitors to IFA are encouraged to see LG’s impressive new washing machines up close in Hall 11.2 of Messe Berlin from September 5–10.

Key Specifications:

Front-Load Washing Machine (Series S)
  •  TurboWash™ by 6 Motion Direct Drive
  • Energy Efficiency (A+++-55%)
  • Inverter Direct Drive Motor (10-Year Warranty)
  • TrueSteam™
  •  Steam Softener
  •  Steam Refresh
  • Allergy Care
  •  Speed 14” Quick Cycle
  • WiFi Control
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Color LCD Display
  • Full Touch Control Panel
  • Hidden Handle Door
  • Large Chrome Door w/ Black Window
Front-Load Washing Machine (Series 1)
  • TurboWash™ by 6 Motion Direct Drive
  • Energy Efficiency (A+++-40% to -55%)
  • Inverter Direct Drive Motor (10-Year Warranty)
  • TrueSteam™
  •  Steam Softener
  • Steam Refresh
  • Allergy Care
  • Speed 14” Quick Cycle
  • NFC Tag
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Graphic LED Display
  • Full Touch Control Panel
  • Hidden Handle Door
  • Large Chrome Door w/ Black Window
Front-Load Washing Machine (Series 2 / Series 3)
  •  TurboWash™ by 6 Motion Direct Drive
  •  Energy Efficiency (A+++-40%)
  • Inverter Direct Drive Motor (10-Year Warranty)
  • Speed 14” Quick Cycle
  • Stain Care
  • Gentle Care
  • NFC Tag
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Graphic LED Display
  • Full Touch Control Panel
  • Hidden Handle Door
  • Large Chrome Door w/ Black Window (Large Door w/ Black Window for Series 3)

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Olympus Imaging Corporation is pleased to announce the OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7, scheduled for release in late September 2014. It is a Compact System Camera that confirms to Micro Four Thirds System standard with specialized functions for selfie and enhanced smartphone linkage function.

Main Features

  1. Downward-opening touch panel monitor and Selfie mode for comfortable and enjoyable “Touch Selfie”
  2. Built-in Wi-FiR*1 and OI.Share to control the camera freely from your smartphone
  3. 14 Art Filters, including the new “Vintage” and “Partial Color”, to heighten emotive powers of expression
  4. Basic performance inherited from the OM-D and premium PEN design carried down from the E-P5

The OLYMPUS PEN series combines high-quality designs, portable, compact and lightweight bodies, and varied functions for expanding the powers of photographic expression to produce a “camera for expressing yourself.” Since the series was launched, in a camera marketplace where needs and uses are diversifying it has consistently provided the new leading styles of photography and the ways of enjoying the photographic expressions.

By enhancing the smartphone linkage function and the specialized functions for selfie that only comes from PEN Lite series, the OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7 offers the market a new “use with smartphone” style.

One of the features of PEN Lite series, the tilting monitor, incorporates a large, high definition touch panel. Tilting 180o downward*4 , it enables touch operation for taking photos with the same feel as one has when operating a smartphone. The “Selfie mode” activates when the monitor is tilted downward, allowing the use of a setting optimized for selfie with just a single touch. This feature addresses the “selfie” trend much noted as a new genre of photographic expression, and allows the user to take a varied and beautiful selfies that could not have been captured with a smartphone alone.

The OI.Share remote shooting functions have likewise evolved, making it possible to easily operate self timer sequential and selfie interval shooting. This helps users to control the camera’s functions using their own smartphones to which they’re accustomed, and take selfies with rich variations of movements and expressions. Thanks to the useful remote shooting functions, not only the person who is being taken but also the person who takes the photo can capture the precious moments together and leave them behind in a beautiful form for future memories.

New “Vintage” and “Partial Color” is added to the Art Filter, unique to Olympus Compact System Cameras. With these two new types of filter that reflect trends in social networking services being added, 14 Art Filters are now available. The possibilities for photographic expression is further expanded by combining it with types and effects functions.

The OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7 is a Compact System Camera that satisfies users with the ways they want to enjoy taking their photos today.

We at Olympus will continue to enhance our lineup of Compact System Cameras and related equipment to create and enlarge new markets.

Product Summary

Category Product Name MSRP Launch Date
Micro Four Thirds System standard compliant Interchangeable lens camera OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7 body (Silver/Black/White) Open Price Late September 2014
OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7 14-42mm EZ Lens Kit Body + M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 EZ*2
OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7 EZ Double Zoom Kit Body + M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 EZ*2 + M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm f4.0-5.6 R*3


Main Features Details

1. Downward-opening touch panel monitor and Selfie mode for comfortable and enjoyable Touch Selfies

1) Touch panel and downward-opening monitor
As the result of a quest for the optimal monitor for taking selfies, the OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7 uses a large, high definition touch panel with a downward-opening monitor that rotates 180o downward. This brings the monitor closer compared to when opened upward and alleviates the need to worry about the lens’ position, allowing for comfortable photography. The monitor is bigger and easier to view with 3:2 aspect ratio and 3.0-inch, 1.04 million dot screen. Moreover, the monitor is easily checked and operated even when the bundled flash is attached, so users can take beautiful touch selfies in any setting or situation.

2) Selfie mode
The “Selfie mode” activates when the monitor is tilted downward, and the image shown on the monitor automatically turns into a mirror display. When an electronic zoom lens is attached, the zoom automatically moves to the wide-angle end*5 so that the users can quickly start taking selfies with the optimal angle of view. e-Portrait button*6 , shutter release button, and custom self timer switching buttons are displayed on the monitor, making it possible to switch among options with a single touch to take a variety of beautiful selfies. The shutter release button are set to take photos 1 second after being touched; so the line of sight can be returned from a fingertip to the lens and thus enable the best selfies capturing the camera’s line of sight. The number of seconds until the shot is captured, the number of shot, and interval between shots can be set on the custom self timer button, makes it easy for selfie interval shooting with the user adopting a variety of poses. A countdown display shows the number of seconds remaining on the self timer so you won’t miss the instant a photo is taken. The auto focus is adjusted for each frame taken, so it’s possible to take shots that are precisely focused even if the composition is changed.

3) 3-axis VCM image stabilization
Equipped with the same 3-axis VCM image stabilization mechanism as the OM-D E-M10. Powerfully corrects camera shake even when the camera is being held one-handed to take a selfie, a posture that easily produces rolling blur. With in-body image stabilization mechanism, camera shake can be prevented with any lens, allowing users to take beautiful dynamic selfies even when Body Cap Lens BCL-0980 (9mm f8.0 Fisheye) is attached to incorporate a wide background. The powerful image stabilization helps with taking better selfies even when the iAUTO mode selects flash photography for night scenes. Also facilitates taking photos using the included flash FL-LM1.

2. Built-in Wi-Fi and OI.Share to control the camera freely from your smartphone

1) Built-in Wi-Fi and OI.Share
Using the built-in Wi-Fi together with the OI.Share smartphone app, you can connect your smartphone to your camera wirelessly and share the photos you take right on the spot. Initial settings are no more troublesome with a simple scan of the QR code that is displayed on the camera monitor. Touching the Wi-Fi icon on the monitor to connect to OI.Share allows you to quickly send the photos on your camera to your smartphone. OI.Share is also packed with other useful features such as remote shooting with a smartphone, and adding GPS tags to photos. You can control the camera as you wish from your smartphone, take as many photos as you want, and easily share those you want to share.

2) Remote shooting function expands the varieties of shooting
The remote shooting function in OI.Share have been further advanced, allowing you to take photos with even greater variation of movement and expression. Furthermore, the new method of taking photos by smartphone makes both the person who takes a photo and the person who is being taken a photo to capture and share precious moments together and leave them behind in a beautiful form for future memories. Take a variety of selfies easily and with perfect command.

2) -1. Self timer sequential shooting
The self timer functions now include a setting that enables sequential shooting. Setting the number of seconds before shooting begins and the number of seconds for which sequential shots are to be taken allows you to take selfies with a motion. This function is best for taking selfies when you are jumping or otherwise moving around.

2) -2. Interval shooting
Interval shooting is now possible by setting in advance the number of shots and the intervals between them. The user can take selfies using different expressions and photo compositions for each shot.

2) -3. Self timer movies/interval movies
The self timer option now includes a setting that enables movie shooting. Setting the number of seconds before filming begins and the number of seconds in which shooting is to take place allows the user to take selfies with motion. Combined it with interval shooting, interval movie shooting in which the user has set the interval between shots, the number of snaps, and the length of shooting is available.

2) -4. Live Bulb shooting
The user can check the process of Live Bulb shooting on the Live View screen on their smarthphone and release the shutter. It is optimal when using tripod, or when you have difficulty in checking the monitor or waiting near the camera for a long period of time.

3. 14 Art Filters, including the new “Vintage” and “Partial Color”, to heighten emotive powers of expression

Art Filter is the Olympus-original function that can make the images a photographer has taken to stand out even more and enable more artistic photographic expression. They allow anybody to easily express themselves creatively whether doing still or movie shooting. Two new types of Art Filter, “Vintage” and “Partial Color,” have been added to the E-PL7. These new Art Filters from the minds of designers are not rigid color process, but rather take the user into more emotional kinds of expression.

1) New Art Filter: “Vintage”
Gives a nostalgic expression to casual everyday scenes, transforming them into “a special photo that has stood the test of time.”

1) -1. Three types of finish
type I: Produces a vintage look in photos by adding effects like discoloration as in a burned print. The disrupted balance among the shades results in a snap that strongly makes one sense the presence of the light.
type II: Nicely faded colors lend the nostalgic feel of an old photograph. This effect beautifully brings out the appeal of a woman’s skin and is the optimal filter for selfies.
type III: Produces a sophisticate feel like an old print through the use of gently faded tones. Effectively renders metallic textures and the like.

1) -2. New Art Effect: “Shade Effect”
This effect gives a sense of wideness by inserting bands of shading on the left and right sides (or tops and bottoms).

2) New Art Filter: “Partial Color”
Emphasizes a specific part of photo, done by choosing one specific color and leaving all the rest in black and white. Makes your photographic subjects more impressive.

2) -1. Color Ring for intuitively selecting what color to leave behind
Rotate the main dial to select which color you want to leave (the color you want to emphasize) from among the 18 colors available, including neutral hues. The effects are shown on the Live View, so you can make your color choices intuitively.

2) -2. Three types of finish
type I: Leave colors with natural gradations based around the color you have selected to make your photographic subject stand out.
type II: Leave a slight amount of colors in addition to the one you select to finish the snap in a style like a scene from a movie.
type III: Leave only the color you have selected to finish the snap for a stronger emphasis of a single color.

3) 14 Art Filters and 8 Effects
Outfitted with all of the Art Filters and Effects equipped on previous models, along with two new Filters and one new Effect. Makes it possible to create a greater variety of works and forms of photographic expression.

3) -1. Art Filter types
(1) Pop Art (I/II), (2) Soft Focus, (3) Pale and Light Color (I/II), (4) Light Tone, (5) Grainy Film (I/II), (6) Pin Hole (I/II/III), (7) Diorama (I/II), (8) Cross Process (I/II), (9) Gentle Sepia, (10) Dramatic Tone (I/II), (11) Key Line (I/II), (12) Watercolor (I/II), (13) Vintage (I/II/III), (14) Partial Color (I/II/III)

3) -2. Effect functions
(1) Soft Focus Effect, (2) Pin Hole Effect, (3) White Edge Effect, (4) Frame Effect, (5) Star Light Effect, (6) Black and White Effect, (7) Blurring Effect, (8) Shade Effect

4. Basic performance inherited from the OM-D and premium PEN design carried down from the E-P5

1) Full range of basic features
The superb image quality of a top-grade interchangeable lens camera has been inherited from the superior lineup of the OM-D series.

1) -1. 16.05 megapixel Live MOS Sensor
Like the OM-D E-M5, this model is equipped with a 16.05 megapixel Live MOS sensor. This preserves details from dark settings and reproduces the colors, helping to beautifully render night scenes, the insides of dark rooms, and the like. The broad dynamic range and smooth expressions of gradation beautifully express lights and shadows where the contrast is great. Furthermore, the large aperture lens can be used for the widest aperture setting even on bright days thanks to the ability to use an ISO LOW (equivalent to ISO 100) setting.

1) -2. TruePic VII
Equipped with the same TruePic VII image processing engine as used for Olympus’ flagship OM-D E-M1 Compact System Camera. Olympus-original Fine Detail II image processing technology gets the most out of a lens’ performance. It provides the sharpness correction and chromatic aberration of magnification correction that is optimal for the aperture (f no.) and optical characteristics of each lens, and performs false color removal and high-precision demosaicing for the low-pass filterless sensor. The photos that result are clear and of high resolution. Additionally, thanks to Olympus-original Real Color image processing technology, certain specific hard-to-reproduce colors like emerald green and yellow are more faithfully reproduced.

1) -3. 81-point FAST AF and 8 fps high-speed sequential shooting
Equipped with the 81-point FAST AF of the OM-D E-M10 and high-speed sequential shooting functionality capable of taking 8 shots a second. The AF target can be set to widescreen or cover details, making it possible to instantaneously focus on small photographic subjects no matter where they are positioned within the area. Moreover, a photographic sensor that can read input quickly combined with a high-quality sensor make it possible to capture 8 frames a second?the fastest in this camera’s class. Sequential shooting performance at a rate of 3.7 fps is still possible in the C-AF mode, which adjusts focus on the fly during sequential shooting. Opportunities to capture moving photographic subjects will not be lost when combining this function with the group target AF or C-AF+TR options. *7

2) A PEN design that evokes high quality
Inherits the premium design of the OLYMPUS PEN E-P5, the flagship of the PEN series. The new direction of a “PEN design that leaps up to the next level” that was established with the E-P5 has been carried on to produce a design that evokes both the PEN line and high quality as a product. Additionally, the camera is approximately 60mm thick when outfitted with the world’s thinnest*8 standard zoom lens, the M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 EZ that is bundled in a lens kit, helping it to faithfully maintain the compact body that is the hallmark of the Lite series. Thanks to the compact and slim body with a premium design, it makes it especially portable, carrying the camera around has become even easier and something that is a familiar part of life.

2) -1. Premium PEN design
Incorporates the character lines on the upper part of the body that are part of the OLYMPUS PEN identity and the OLYMPUS PEN logo that carries on the line’s history. The front of the body-also a key element in the design-is covered with a leather-styled material to evoke a textured object and produces a design with a sense of superior quality. The OLYMPUS PEN brand is one that since the days of film cameras has been marked by continued innovation and regularly offered new value. This design is an appropriate symbol of its evolution condensed into the compact, lightweight body expected of the PEN Lite series. It has been finished in such a way that not a single screw can be seen on the front or top of the body, showing off the superior sense of completion that the PEN line evokes.

2) -2. Design focused on the operability
In terms of usability, too, this camera has a finish that incorporates the essence of the new PEN design and is a development that is in line with the Lite series as it stands. We performed aluminum machine processing on the metal dial around the shutter release button-the most frequently used element-in our quest for superiority in terms of feel, ease of rotation, and usability. All of the buttons for operating the camera have been grouped together on the camera’s lower right, and have been arranged so they can be easily pressed when used as well as prevent unintended operation when holding the camera. We did everything we could to make the camera comfortable to use, giving thought even to the height and graspability of the grip, so that it is easy to operate even though the body is small.

2) -3. Color Variations
The camera is available in three colors: the classic silver that evokes both the PEN line and cameras more generally; a white that suggests the Lite series with a gentle form and gentle color; and a black that makes you strongly feel that you have an interchangeable lens camera as a tool for taking photographs. The colors help you to pick the camera that best suits your lifestyle and matches what you want from a camera.

Other Features

  1. New Photo Story
    A new “Layout” theme option has been added. The addition of a hold function has also made it possible to do temporary saves while shooting.
  2. Live Guide
    It is now possible for multiple effects to be applied simultaneously. *9
  3. New Scene Mode: “Panning”
    Set the optimal shutter speed automatically to match the movements done to pursue the subject.
  4. New Movie Effect: “Old Film”
    Turn your videos into flickering images with noise, scratches and dust and the like appearing at random, like old movies shot on film.
  5. Two HDR modes
    Automatically combine 4 images with different exposures to create a single image rich with gradation.
  6. Hand-held Starlight mode
    Permits capturing blur-free night scenes without using a tripod by merging 8 shots.
  7. Live Composite
    Light trails of stars can be captured while observing them through the Live View.
  8. Touch panel monitor
    Equipped with a monitor that can be tilted upward about 80o and downward 180o.

Separately-sold Related New Products

1. Genuine leather accessories that protect your camera and be coordinated totally with the same colors and materials

1) Genuine Leather Lens Cover, LC-60.5GL
A genuine leather lens cover especially for the M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 EZ. It completely protects the lens, and wards off shocks, scratches, and blemishes while it is being carried around. It can be used even with a lens cap, an automatic opening lens cap, or a protection filter attached. The large swivel can be attached with the strap, meaning the jacket does not get in the way while taking photos or being lost when detached. The lens cover is available in light brown, brown, and black, allowing for coordination with the Genuine Leather Body Jacket CS-45B simultaneously released and with the Genuine Leather Neck Strap CSS-S109LLII already on sale.

Genuine Leather Lens Cover, LC-60.5GL (Brown/Light Brown/Black)

2) Genuine Leather Body Jacket, CS-45B
A genuine leather body jacket made especially for the OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7. This body jacket also covers the camera’s grip. In addition to the utility of protecting the camera body from damage, it also offers a robust feel thanks to the luxuriousness and craftsmanship that comes with the use of genuine leather. The jacket is available in light brown, brown, and black, allowing for coordination with the Genuine Leather Lens Cover LS-60.5GL simultaneously released and with the Genuine Leather Neck Strap CSS-S109LLII already on sale. The special snap buttons are used to attach the jacket to the body, making jacket smooth and easy to remove. The jacket can also be quickly removed when you want to use a tripod or insert or remove batteries or an SD card. You can also take selfies even with the jacket attached. *10

2. Next-generation compact and lightweight underwater systems

1) Underwater Case, PT-EP12
A waterproofing case optimized for the OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7, rated to handle water pressure down to 45 m. Works with the M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 EZ, M.Zuiko Digital ED 12mm f2.0, M.Zuiko Digital 17mm f1.8, M.Zuiko Digital 25mm f1.8, and M.Zuiko Digital 45mm f1.8. Updating the specifications to the standard of the M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 EZ electronic pancake zoom lens make it possible to achieve outstanding miniaturization. Usable with the external flash bundled with the E-PL7, you’ll be ready to do underwater photography with a single PT-EP12. You can also now switch to underwater mode using the arrow pad, allowing you to concentrate on taking photos stress-free even underwater. An even greater variety of underwater photos can be taken if you use the Underwater Macro Converter PTMC-01 or the Underwater Wide Converter PTWC-01, both of which can be attached directly. This is a next-generation all-in-one underwater photography system that condenses all of the options needed for underwater shooting in a compact body.

2) Underwater Flash, UFL-3
A dedicated flash that corresponds to the Olympus Wireless RC Flash System installed as standard equipment on all Olympus cameras (excepting some compact cameras). This GN22 flash is compact but boasts of superior performance, water pressure resistant up to 75 m and recharging in 2 seconds. It responds perfectly to directions from the camera, so there are no problems when it comes to working in tandem and no variation in terms of the amount of light. The power that comes from using 4 AA batteries means you can take photos for long period of time without having to change them.

3. Other new accessory

1) Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery, BLS-50
A rechargeable lithium ion battery that is a standard part of the bundle for the E-PL7. The same shape as the BLS-5, but with battery capacity increased to 1,210 mAh. It permits taking approximately 350 shots when used with the M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 EZ. Can be repeatedly charged and used with the Lithium Ion Charger BCS-5.

Summary of Related Accessories

Product Name MSRP Launch Date
Genuine Leather Lens Cover, LC-60.5GL
(Light brown/Brown/Black)
4,600 yen
(4,968 yen incl. tax)
Late September 2014
Genuine Leather Body Jacket, CS-45B
(Light brown/Brown/Black)
5,700 yen
(6,156 yen incl. tax)
Genuine Leather Neck Strap, CSS-S109LLII
(Light brown/Brown/Black/White)
4,800 yen
(5,184 yen incl. tax)
Now on sale
Underwater Case, PT-EP12 open Late September 2014
Underwater Flash, UFL-3 open
Anti-Reflective Rings
3,500 yen
(3,780 yen incl. tax)
Lithium Ion Battery, BLS-50 7,000 yen
(7,560 yen
*1 Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.
*2 When body is silver or white, the lens color will be silver, and when body is black, the lens will be black.
*3 When body is white, the lens color will be silver, and when body is silver or black, the lens will be black.
*4 Tilting approx. 80o upward
*5 After shifting automatically to the wide-angle end, zoom can be adjusted manually
*6 when iAUTO is set
*7 When using the M. Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 EZ
*8 Thickness when retracted. Among standard 3x zoom lenses for Compact System Camera use. Olympus research, as of January 29, 2014.
*9 “Blur Background” cannot be layered together with “Express Motion.”
*10 Vignetting may occur on the screen depending on the position of the monitor.

0 605

LG Electronics (LG) is introducing its newest lineup of energy efficient refrigerators at IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany featuring arange of models offering excellent energy savings and utmost convenience designed specifically with high European standards in mind. LG’s evolutionary refrigerators help keep food fresher longer while making food storage and organization easier and more convenient.

Superb Energy Savings with LG’s Revolutionary Inverter Linear Compressor

With an incredible Total No Frost energy grade rating of A+++ -20%, LG’s bottom-freezer refrigerators are industry leaders in efficiency. This can be attributed to its advanced Inverter Linear Compressor, which employs a straight piston drive instead of a conventional reciprocating drive, resulting in less internal friction, higher reliability, greater durability with less noise. In tests conducted by VDE, LG refrigerators featuring Inverter Linear Compressor technology proved to be approximately 32 percent more energy efficient1 than those equipped with conventional reciprocating compressors, contributing significantly to lower electricity bills. VDE also noted that LG’s refrigerator was up to 25 percent quieter2 compared to another refrigerator powered by a reciprocating compressor. And thanks to its strong durability, LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor comes with 10-year warranty.

Innovative Door-in-Door™ for Quick & Easy Access with Less Cold Air Loss

LG’s convenient Door-in-Door™ design makes it easier to reach frequently consumed food and beverages in the refrigerator while reducing the amount of cold air that escapes from the main refrigerator compartment by up to 41 percent3, keeping food fresher longer. LG’s adjustable Moving Basket combines with a handy drawer section to enable custom configurations. Each member of the family can easily adjust the height of the different interior compartments according to their own needs. This proven Door-in-Door™ feature has been adopted by all of LG’s global refrigerators, including side-by-side, multi-door and top freezer.

Smarter Storage in a Bigger Space for Maximum Flexibility

A thinner insulation wall enables LG’s new four-door refrigerator to boast a cavernous internal capacity. The central partition typically found in two door refrigerators has also been eliminated, allowing the refrigerator to create even more usable food and beverage storage space. What’s more, the convenience enhancing Smart Storage System features space management technology that improves storage separation and also helps owners organize the contents of their refrigerator in more creative ways.

Total No Frost with Intelligent Air Management for Fresher Food

Whereas most conventional internal-airflow systems disperse cool air inconsistently, LG’s advanced Total No Frost technology, featured in all LG refrigerators, offers even cooling throughout the interior. Thanks to the Multi Air Flow system, cool air is circulated through multiple vents, ensuring efficient cooling at an even temperature throughout. And LG’s unique Pure N Fresh air filtration system employs a powerful fan to remove odors while at the same time introducing purified air through fresh air flow channels, ensuring that food stays fresh longer.

Smart Technology and Convenience Enhancing Features

LG’s Smart Diagnosis™ feature, offered in some LG models, allowing call center representatives to quickly diagnose any problems in the refrigerator without having to make a house call. The lattice-type box cover of the Moist Balance Crisper™ improves moisture retention, helping to boost the longevity of vegetables and fruits. Located in the main refrigerator compartment, the convenient Fresh 0 Zone is an ideal place to store meats and fish, as users can access these oft-used items immediately without having to freeze and thaw them.

LG’s new contour glass bottom-freezer refrigerator (model GBB930KRQZT) is a 2014 Red Dot Design Award winner that pairs refined aesthetics with thoughtfully designed features. The contour glass exterior of this unique and premium model offers a combination of luxurious modern style and impressive performance.

“European consumers are very eco-aware and rank energy efficiency as the top factor when choosing home appliances,” said Seong-jin Jo, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “LG’s latest refrigerators have been engineered with this fact in mind. Each model employs an array of cutting-edge technologies that minimize one’s carbon footprint while maximizing performance and user convenience.”

Visitors to IFA are encouraged to come see LG’s lineup of stylish and energy efficient refrigerators for themselves at LG’s booth in Hall 11.2 of Messe Berlin.

Key Specifications:

High Energy Efficiency Bottom-Freezer (model GBB530VMCQE)

  •  Inverter Linear Compressor
  •  Energy Grade A+++ -20%
  •  Total No Frost
  •  Multi Air Flow
  •  Smart Diagnosis™
  •  Fresh 0 Zone
  •  Moist Balance Crisper™
  •  Folding Shelf
  •  Wine Rack
  •  Zero Clearance
  •  Easy Open Handle
  •  10-year Warranty (on Inverter Linear Compressor)

Premium Multi-Door (model GMJ916NSHV)

  •  Inverter Linear Compressor
  •  Door-in-Door™
  •  Smart Storage System
  •  Total No Frost
  •  Multi Air Flow
  •  Pure N Fresh
  •  Folding Shelf
  •  Auto Ice and Water Dispenser
  •  10-year Warranty (on Inverter Linear Compressor)

Contour Glass Bottom-Freezer (model GBB930KRQZT)

  •  Inverter Linear Compressor
  •  Energy Grade A++
  •  Total No Frost
  •  Multi Air Flow
  •  Smart Diagnosis™
  •  Opti Temp Zone
  •  Moist Balance Crisper™
  •  Folding Shelf
  •  Chrome Wine Rack
  •  Crystal Deco Easy Handle with LED
  •  10-year Warranty (on Inverter Linear Compressor)